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Hello! My name is Robert. Thank you for visiting my blog! If you didn’t know, I love cats. There is a lot of misconception about cats and how they act. Most people seem to think cats are jerks and prefer to be left alone. While some cats can be like this, most cats are not. Cats love attention and playing around with their owners. The issue is that cats communicate differently from most other animals. Sometimes when a dog tries to signal it wants to play, cats think they are in danger and get defensive. This makes people think cats hate all animals when that is not the case. It’s just a case of us not knowing how a cat socializes.

That is one of the reasons why I created this blog in the first place. I want to give people more information about cats and more importantly, information about cats that is correct. They are a little ball of energy and can make great animals while being an excellent addition to someone’s life. They’re not hard to care for either. At first, it seems like a lot of work but after a while, it’s pretty easy to look after them. You only need to scoop their litter box once or twice a day and put in fresh litter about once a week. They can be picky sometimes but it’s not that difficult to figure out a good diet for them. It’s important to clean their teeth, eyes, and ears. It can be harmful to the cat’s health if this goes ignored.

A bonus feature that I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate is that they are little hunters. This becomes noticeable when you are playing with them. If you throw something across the room, their eyes get huge and they go into hunting mode. So many of us don’t like to kill bugs because they are gross. Luckily, cats will do the job for us. This decreases the number of bugs we will run into and who’s going to complain about having to deal with fewer bugs. It should go without saying, if your little hunter catches a bug, they deserve a treat.

Obviously, I want to take care of cats to the best of my ability. That’s why I’ve done research on many aspects about cats including how to help them with certain illnesses. There’s also a lot of helpful tips for new owners. That can help make the process of owning a little furball much less intimidating and get you going in the right direction. I also keep track of the latest cat news to keep everyone in the loop on what’s happening in the world of cats.

I know some of you may think this is a lot of work but it’s not so bad. I love cats so much and want to learn as much about them as possible. They are some of the cutest things on the planet and I want nothing but the best for them. Having this info helps me and other people become better owners and allows us to take better care of them. Plus, there are many different cat breeds out there. They all have different lifestyles and have different needs. Without this knowledge, people can raise an unhappy and unhealthy cat. If I know something that can help people out, I want to share my knowledge with them.

Being a homebody person, cats are the ultimate companion. They lounge around the house all day so taking them on walks isn’t something I have to do. They are like lazy people. They sleep around 12-16 hours a day and spend about two-thirds of their life sleeping. They love chilling and taking naps which are some of my favorite activities too!

It should be easy to see why I love them so much. They are super adorable and are great to have around the house. Cats make the world a much better place and it would be wrong of us to not give them the proper love and care they deserve. My blog will give people all the information needed to properly care for cats while showing them how great of an impact they have on us as well.

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